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After getting to know each other during our very first book project.  Dr. Sue and Brenda became lifelong friends.  Learning that there was a deeper connection in the bonding that occurs when being also parents of loss.  


It has been several years since our children passed, but there has always been a deep seated feeling of give back to our children.  You see, the experience of loss of our children has caused us to want to be better people.    As we both are in the health and healing arts, our mission is to help people.   As authors, we want to get the stories out.  To help people give voice to these children, and share the stories, of life, loss, grief, and give back to help other parents of loss. The legacy that each of these children leave on our hearts has lead to some amazing gifts.

Dr. Sue Denk PsyD. is Clinical Psychologist residing in Chicago Illonois.  Sue has had an incredible journey,  working her way up the ranks receiving her PsyD. at the age of 57.  Mother of 2 children and her daughter Barbara, Sue has helped her clients through very deep personal  life issues. She is completing her certification in RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy). The Secret Child Series, is another extension of the help and guidance she shares in her office, while sharing her wisdom and experience to the expanded walls of this book.

Brenda Pearce is a Registered Nurse from Ontario, Canada.  With nearly 40 years of being at the bedside of literally thousands of people, she has seen first hand the human condition.  How parents grieve the loss of their children, when they feel this overwhelming sense of it being out of the the expected life order.   How the pain of loss can hold people in its grip and cause dis-ease and disease.   Moving beyond the pain of the loss to find the gift that is life,  can only make us more appreciative of life.   The mother of 3 living children, and her son Kenny, Brenda willingly shares her journey to become empowered to assist people through her writing, podcasts and TV show. She is  a RTT practioner and C.Hyp (Certified Hypnotherapist)

So many parents hold their children as secret, and feel compelled to put away the lives of these precious beings as memories, but the truth is that their impact is as real if not larger now, than when they were alive.  The impact of these children colour and shape our lives in ways that make us better.  We want to be better for them, but also for us and those around us!  The gifts and lessons of their lives can make the world a better place.   It is our feeling that this series will be as healing for he readers as it is for the writers.  Together let's celebrate each life and the gift of life.

Brenda Pearce

Dr Sue Denk

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