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Volume 1 - Life After Loss - Meet The Contributors

This first book is a compilation of stories from parents sharing stories from all across the age groups of loss.   Giving voice to our children by sharing their stories, the journey of life after loss and the legacy or gift of these precious children. The impact they had on our lives. We are their legacy, we are their breath and heartbeat

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Foreword - Jill Hill Kraft Thompson

We are privileged to have Jill write the foreword for this book.  Jill knows firsthand the devastation of child loss having lost 5 family members, including her two sons, instantly in an overseas auto accident.  She has gone on to write her own account of this in her own book, 'Finding Jill - How I Rebuilt My Life After Losing The Five People I Loved Most'

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Dr. Sue Denk PsyD.

Shares the story of her daughter Barbara.  The impact of this tiny soul, who never got to experience the breath of life, yet has touched Sue's life indelibly. The impact of Barbara is the impetus that has compelled Sue to go on and through determination, struggles, and overcoming limitations, to obtain her PsyD.   Helping people to overcome limiting beliefs.

Brenda Pearce 

Brenda shares the story of her son Kenny, who sustained congenital deformities to his heart and lungs after a traumatic event during those early development weeks in utero, passed away after open-heart surgery. Kenny's brief life touched many lives and gave Brenda's nursing career a greater affinity & respect with the frailty of life.  Compelled to create a legacy for her son's life, Brenda empowers others to live their fullest life, and not take any moment for granted.

Jonathon Aslay

Jonathon suddenly lost his son Connor in 2018, a young man full of hope and promise.  As a relationship coach, he has a greater appreciation for life and comes from a place of love.  He also can speak first hand to the effects of child loss and the effect it has on clients who are thinking of getting into a new relationship while enduring the pain of loss.  How our Secret Child does not want us to hold back on life while feeling the pain of loss.

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Teresa Syms
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Teresa is an award-winning best-selling author, life-coach and speaker. Having experienced multiple miscarriages, she suffered her grief in silence within her marriage. Facing the wide chasm of emotions without the love and support of her spouse as if these beings were without existence, Teresa is the voice of the silent majority of women who experience the Secret Child experience of miscarriage.

Connie Batsell

Connie shares the story about the sudden and tragic death of her oldest son, Krystofer, in November 2018.  The loss of her son has catapulted her into living a life where she is no longer playing small and now following the desire of her heart to be a spiritual teacher.  The death of her son shattered her heart, but she has faith this tragic experience can resurrect it to feel a deeper love for herself and others.  

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Marsha McConnell

Marsha shares the story of her son Brayden, born with Cerebral Palsy, and his brief life.  The boundless love and joy that this child brought along with the care and concern needed day to day outshone his tireless struggle to live.  Brayden's impact outlives his short life, and was the impetus of Marsha becoming a nurse.  Marsha's story is proof that love can outlast life, and that love conquers all.

Brenda Foris Headshot.png
Brenda Foris

Brenda shares the story of her only son, Kevin, and that fateful day.  The impact it had on her and the family.  How it has strengthened her faith.  She shares the impact of when people don't know what to say and how to overcome that.  She shares how people will go out of their way to avoid you. We need to take the lead and show them how to respond, even when we are at our darkest moment

Merrie Lynn Ross.jpg
Merrie Lynn Ross

Merrie Lynn Ross shares the story of Byron, and how he was giving insights to his mom which foreshadowed his passing, while she was writing a book.  Merrie Lynn knows that her son's presence is within her and his life has guided her to create programs on anti-bullying, & helping inner city youth to get in touch with nature.  Her loss has helped her to have the will to live and yes, laugh.

Bernadette Couture headshot.jpg
Bernadette Couture

Bernedette shares a poem that she wrote about her two daughters, who were killed in an auto accident when they were 9 and 10 years of age. They died just before Christmas. Bernedette shares from her heart through her poetry.  These two girls were childhood friends of Brenda Pearce.

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Iona Meade

Iona shares the story of her 19 year old son, who tragically left behind an infant daughter, along with plans to go into business with his mom.  So much life and promise cut down too soon.  After time, Iona was spurred to help women to create inspired businesses because of her son's inspiration, to create better lives!

Sharon Milliman headshot.JPG
Sharon Milliman

Sharon shares the multiple losses  through miscarriage. The lack of support from her partner, and the heavy load in her heart.  She was pregnant with twins, but only one survived. She realizes that one twin sacrificed her life in order to save the surviving child.  This is a compelling story of strength and courage.

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David Charles Rowan headshot.jpg
Mary Jane Mannella

Mary Jane shares the suicide death of her daughter Toni.  A young woman who lived life to the fullest, and touched many lives through her kindness and generosity.  Mental illness touches many lives and takes hold in ways unimaginable.  Many Jane's tribute to her daughter is truly heart touching.

Tsitsi Kaseke

Tsitsi shares the story of her precious son, Clive and the only photo she has of him. Tsitsi shares how quickly a child's condition can change.  Living in her home in Africa at this time, sheer survival can quickly shift the balance of life.  Spurred onwards Tsitsi  moved on to become a nurse, and move to Canada to start a new life in health and wellness in tribute to her son.

Theresa Staber

Theresa shares how quickly life can change in the midst of a normal day.  Her son Jes was a teen working an after school job when a workplace injury resulted in death.  Theresa weaves a beautiful thread of the journey of loss, and how the birth of a grandchild has brought the process full circle back in a tribute to her son.

David Charles Rowan

Charles shares a beautiful poem about love and to love again. Charles transcends the boundaries of love to teach about unconditional love over time.

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